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fantastic information
21 Jul 2022

I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for magnificent info I was looking for this info for my mission.

Albert Gregory
1 Mar 2010

So interesting that I will read your subjects many many times thank you.

wonderful site!
22 Dec 2009

Thank you, your lessons are great. You are truly a gifted individual with a kind heart and selfless nature. I wish you and your family success in whatever you do.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

wonderful site!
4 Dec 2009

I came across to your site while looking for some information about Kelvin's white balance. First I had a great joy for my eyes looking at her daughter's pictures. Wowed a lot at your pictures of corals.. And the most appealing was the way you talk to people - ..can't find the right word with my English, ..I felt I was listening thoughtful brother teaching me and protecting from bad guys like "bway.com". I have learned a lot from your site and definitely will come back to learn more from your lessons. Thank you for sharing your time and kindness, Ema

Michael H.
Great work.
25 Jul 2009

Great work. It really opened my eyes up to many of the questions I had before. I've been searching the web for much information and found it all here, consolidated and well writen, and very well organized, not to mention the adorable photos of your niece.

Kevin Mcbride

Kevin McBride
25 Jul 2008

I have really enjoyed your "Lessons" area on your website. Its been about 15 years since I have had the time or intrest to get back into photography and I have found your lessons a refreshing and simple to understand guide to the basics. I've looked at a few other DSLR sites for basic info and have found that most of them are over explainatory and too technical. Your illustrations really helped to understands some concepts. Anyways thanks for the great site.

Kevin Mcbride

29 Apr 2008

I'm just an amateur at photography, and I'm enjoying reading up and learning about it very much at the moment, after I finally bought myself a DSLR a month ago.

The tutorials on your web-site are EXCELLENT. I'm not really into photographing fish-tanks and or even macros, but I can apply 95% of what you wrote there to my own work, and I literally couldn't stop reading (that's why I only got to bed at 3AM this morning). You are very thorough and you pay attention to detail, and I can see you know what you are talking about inside out.

This is a thank-you. It meant a lot to me!!

Take care & god bless


15 Dec 2007

This is a great site.  I have been using a Digcam to produce some pretty good pictures of my reef tanks.  I recently purchased a Nikon D40X to start playing in the DSLR world and found your site very helpfull.Thanks


15 Jul 2007

I have study you on-line course and found it to be onformative and to me, as a novice who has just entered the market, very usefull and worth a million dollers!

Thank you for the free course - definetaly a winner!

Pieter van der Merwe

Johannesburg - South Africa

Tony Moreno
14 Sep 2006

Love the lessons! Where do you find the time to provide the great examples?

Tony Moreno

Lake Forest, IL

04 Jul 2006

Certainly wish I had read your article on bwayphoto.com before doing business with them. What a bunch of lying rip-offs! Good info and good website. Thanks!

Kevin G. (RC Hoggn)
20 May 2006

Very nice website. It has helped me a lot with my photographs!

BeakerBob from MichiganReefers.com
Photography Information on Your Site
13 May 2006

Great site to learn about photography. I have been sending fellow reefers to your site to help them learn about the cameras use, techniques, and how to take good pictures. Your Lessons are top notch!

13 May 2006

You have done a wonderful job composing such a wealth of information. I have been into photography for over 30 years and the information you present is clear, concise and easy to retain. You have done a service to reefers out there everywhere. 5-Stars (*****)

08 Apr 2006

I like your website. I have bookmark it and intend to share with my friends. I like the lessons page, especially the workflow sections.

07 Apr 2006

Hi,Found your website via a link on the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia photography forum. Just thought I'd let you know how helpful your site is. Some of the photo's are trully amazing.I have just got my reef aquarium up and running and to document the process I lashed out and bought a D50 ... would have loved the D200 but we all have budgets we should stick too. I just realised how silly that sounds, coming from someone with a reef aquarium.Anyway, great work best regards.Paul

South Australia.

Gordon Eyre
Your Gallery
05 Apr 2006

Your galleries are really nice Gregory. The effort and care you have put into creating this site is only matched by your very excellent photography. Gordon Eyre

Your website
05 Apr 2006

I love this site. I am bookmarking it and forwarding it to friends who, like me, are new to photography.I just finished your piece about buying cameras on-line. B&H ought to give you comissions. But it is priceless; excellent!

Off to the site for more tutorials.

Seymore (from the Cafe)
Like the layout of your site...
23 Mar 2006


Just spent the last hour perusing your site, and soaked up every word. Thank you for sharing your instructional wisdom with the lessons. Look forward to interacting with you more at the Cafe, now that I know a bit about you.

Melvin Wilcox
Photography 101
22 Mar 2006

Thank you so very much for the information and knowledge you have provide. In my goal to become a professional photography, your site is a welcome aid in guiding me in the right direction, armed with the proper knowledge to achieve my goal.

Great site!
08 Mar 2006

I really enjoy your site and have learned a great deal.

Kathleen Hyatt
Web Site
24 Jan 2006

This is truly an amazing web site. Very well written and explained in simple terms.Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

This site should be a requirement for school photography classes. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Kathleen H.

22 Jan 2006

Nice site.

Mike Curtis
21 Dec 2005

I'm sure you hear this all the time But THANK YOU!!I have really enjoyed your teachings. They are very easy to read and understand and everything is very professionally done.....Including the great photo's!! If the world was filled with people like you and your family, maybe we wouldn't face the terrible things that go on in the world. I cannot tell you enough how great it is to get tips and instruction from someone with such great talent so from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for putting this out there and spending the time it takes to do it!Happy Holidays

Mike Curtis

gene(zenya on RC)
13 Dec 2005

Hi Gregory,Just wanted to say full hearted Thank You! for compiling this whole lessons pages. I can't even express properly how much this lessons helped me. Best wishes,


Len Costa
Great Website!
04 Dec 2005

Just want to thank you for the great information that is included in your website. Mainly the use of a digicam and specifics on photographing my reef tank and its inhabitants.

I came across a thread on reefcentral that had a link to your website, and have been visiting your site periodically since.

Jason Wedehase
Thank you for your work
29 Nov 2005

This has long been THE site I point people to when they're looking for photography lessons. It's the best I've seen, yet. It's completely detailed yet human language, without being overly techy while still covering all your bases. Congratulations on accomplishing such a difficult task!I've used this site for many months (years?) always wondering why you weren't a member of ReefCentral.com with your reef tank hobby. Today I found you there! Then I learn this whole tutorial originally spawned from RC. Hey, whatever.. it's a great resource that has long been in my Favorites.

Congratulations and thank you again for your wonderful work.

Very nice website and helpful
11 Oct 2005

I stumbled on your website by chance as I googled for photography lessons. Anyway, you have a great site and it's really helpful to a newbie like me. I love your write up on buying the camera online because that's exactly what I have seen and am struggling with currently. The New York bit is awesome, thanks! You have made me think. I wish you listed your opinion of Minolta, now Konica Minolta because I like their new Maxxum 5D and already have the Maxxum 5.Best regards,


17 Jun 2005

I was amazed at how thorought the lessons were and I enjoy showing off some of my new skills. Thanks for taking the time to enlighten those of us who are less talented.

Fernando Radi
Excellent website...
25 May 2005

Congratulations, I love this place.....

May 2005

your site is great! You also have great tips! I have been using a lot of them. Thanks for having such a site.

tom saville
thank you for all of the pointers
16 May 2005

I linked to your site from Reef Central and I can not thank you enough for sharing your knowledge of photography. Everything on your site was clear and easy to understand extermely informative and most of all pratical. Thanks again, Tom T.saville@att.net

Good Stuff
23 Apr 2005

Just wanted to say my tahnk for the Awesome Website you have. I learned alot of stuff I never knew before thanks to your site!!!!

23 Apr 2005

I must say you have the best photos I have seen. I was checking out a lot of your pictures in the different subjects and think they are just as good, but couldn't help myself to go back and check out more marine pictures. Please keep up this work because it always makes me smile and wonder how the heck you do what you do. Keep it up!

Alex Dethler
18 Apr 2005

Thanx for 'tasty' photography lessons, I rarely leave comments, but your work is really nice :) I am too amazed by your photos to comment them. From Russia with love )

19 Mar 2005

I love photography because I think it is a fabulous form of expression. I think you did an excellent job of expressing yourself using your daughter as a model. She is really cute. She is not bad for an infant photographer. As a matter of fact, I think she is better than me.

Chiminh Luu
19 Mar 2005

Fabulous Photographs!! Great site with very informal informations!! I love your "digital darkroom".

Anh Nguyen
Great Job Gregory!
14 Mar 2005

Gregory, it's almost therapeutic looking at each of these photos. I enjoyed every second of the website. My partners at www.MarineMadness.com introduced me to your website a few months ago. They love the site as well!!! Keep up the great work!

Chris Wayne
Great Site
14 Mar 2005

I stumpled upon this site from the photography section on reefcentral.com. After reading through the lesson section I've already noticed a huge difference in my pictures and can't wait to see what happens when I get my new Canon G6. Thanks for taking the time to explain (and giving examples of) why changing things like apeture, white balance, etc, make such a difference. Chris

12 Mar 2005

Beautiful photos! I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through them.

Ebbo Borm
Keep up your nice work!
04 Mar 2005

Hi Gregory, thank you very much for this beautiful website! I honestly appreciate your efforts you put into the layout and - even more - into the valuable contents of the pages. See you on dpreview! Kind regards Ebbo Borm

Tony Bennardo
02 Mar 2005

Thanks for all the effort that went into this site. Something for everyone....

alan adanah
28 Feb 2005

I found your site easy to navigate, with clear and informative notes and when I asked a question of you, the response was equally informative and timely. Thanks for helping out us newcomers. A contented welsh man now living in Lyon France...Europe in case you didn't know where that was :-)

21 Feb 2005

Thanks for the in-depth and well-put-together lessons pages! They are extremely helpful.

Simei Du
Thank You
20 Feb 2005

I am a beginner, just bought a D70 and start to learn how to take a good picture. The lessons you put here are so helpful! Just want to say thank you! Hope to see more lessons coming out soon. Best Regards.

jason lehr
Great resource
12 Feb 2005

This is really a great resource to put everything together. Thanks for the time you've spent in developing this. Anyone that's looking to learn more about solid fundamentals should definately use these lessons.

Wayne Sprouse
Wonderful pictures and great tutorial
09 Feb 2005

The tutorial is absolutely wonderful. I had pretty much no knowledge about how to frame and take good quality pictures. After reading this tutorial and some practice my pictures are a lot better. I know I have a long way to go but I keep coming back to the tutorial and re-reading because you always miss something the first few times you read something new.

Craig Twehues
Great website!
24 Dec 2004

I have learned so much about photography from viewing these pages. This man certainly knows what he is doig and enjoys educating others about the hobby. I am inspired to dig my heels into this hobby.

Carolina Sio
08 Dec 2004

Great info. I love the fact that the info provided has pretty much answered all my questions! I don't need to keep searching! I've found my next event photographer! GREAT WORK! Carolina Sio Lake Forest, CA

mike susedik
03 Dec 2004

Very cool. I'm going to use as much as I can on my next trip. I've got a lot to learn. I'm a just push the button kind of guy, so I get a good shot every 1000 tries. Thanks for the very hard work and making it available!

Mary Forgays
Photography lessons
25 Nov 2004

I just wanted to thank you for the great tutorials. I'm enjoying them immensely !! I have a Sony DSC-P9 and didn't realize what nice pics I could get until I started using your suggestions. Mary

Jay Hagan
21 Nov 2004

I found a link for your site on the DPReview Nikon D70 site. I have spent the last three days reading it and taking notes as well as printing out your Workflow pages. I have been a professional photographer since 1970 shooting film. I recently switched over to the D70. Even after all those years shooting film I find there is a lot to learn when shooting digital. The techniques are the same but the technology is different. Thanks for putting up your site. You have done the photography world a great service. Jay Hagan ( Captain America )

message for Ximina
21 Nov 2004

Hi Ximina, I just looked at your photos that daddy posted on the internet. Your room looks great with all the toys, and it must be really nice to sleep in your bed with all those soft cuddly friends! Could you make a close-up picture of Hamtaro for me? I like him very much! greetings from marije

Alan Berg
20 Nov 2004

Excellent Site Greogory!!! Really appreciate the wonderful advice and tutorials!!! Alan (Aberg12012 on RC)

05 Nov 2004

Very Helpfull site for Reef photography. Amazing work, Very nice pictures. Best wishes.

Rob (Desert Fox)
04 Nov 2004

I can't believe it took me this long to sign your guestbook. Great work as always, and thank you for everything you've helped me with personally. We should all aspire to be so gracious.

Frank North
04 Nov 2004

Thank You for taking the time to educate those of us lucky enough to find this site.

Web Site
04 Nov 2004

Awesome!!! Thanks for the pointers...you give us NEWbies to the hobby (photography) hope!!!!

03 Nov 2004

Thank you for taking the time to compile this - invaluable !

01 Nov 2004

Very helpfull. Thanks for this effor free to all of us.

Peter Schmiedel
31 Oct 2004

Gregory, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge! I really appriciate the effort you made. And thanks to your family for giving you the time to do so ;) CU Peter www.reefsafe.de

Ben Wilson
29 Oct 2004

Awesome site, more info than we could ask for.

29 Oct 2004

I thought your first slide show was great... this was AMAZING!!! Thank you for taking the time to put this together. It was very informative. I've bookmarked your site for future reference.

18 May 2004


May 2004

very nice pic

Eric Nghe
09 May 2004

Nice photography =D

@DPReview's Nikon Forum(s)
06 May 2004

Hi, Whilst your site is unusual, and the photography nice... ...if you are hoping to attract custom (ie are commercial) I think it's too fiddly or complicated for a lot of users (who happen not to be techie's - ie Mr & Mrs Average). The need to exaplin the filmstrip and clicking etc. is the give-away, it's not intuative (ie copying an existing GUI ruleset)

04 May 2004

From the small picture it looks like a statue, but up close it suprises you that it's actually a real dolphin. I really like this picture.

Laurence Stewart
04 May 2004

Very nice work. I saw your website link while cruising dpreview. You also make beautiful babies! Thanx for sharing. If you have time, stop by my gallery sometime. www.dalarry.com

Andrew Kang
Framestrip works!
04 May 2004

Using Safari...

Marije Booman
Watching Nemo
03 May 2004

Hi Gregory, I am Sander Meurs's girlfriend, and since I do not have a dpreview account yet I am glad to have this opportunity to finally let you know myself how much I enjoy your pics. Your duaghter is the cutest, and I bet she'll be a fantastic photographer too!