Silver Package ($900)

5 hours, 400 photos to choose from:  Wedding ceremony + formal session.

Gold Package ($1600)

8 hours, 800 photos to choose from:  Wedding ceremony + formals + reception.

Platinum Package ($2300)

All day, 1000+ photos to choose from, our day starts when yours does and ends after yours does.  This includes things like preparation photos and a more comprehensive reception coverage.

Photo packages - to make things as flexible as possible, we do not lock you down into a particular package - you can order prints in the size and quantity you desire and we will work out a price for you.  You may also opt for one of our wedding print packages.  All wedding packages include a proof CD for ordering and/or adding images to your personal gallery.

Pricing is negotiable and you are not required to stick with a specific package.  We strive to be as personable as possible, and as such, we understand that every wedding is unique.  We offer you, our client, flexibility in designing a plan that works in your best interest.

All photo numbers are approximate.  There may be more or less depending on how large the wedding party is.  I will be the primary photographer and will have an assistant photographer that will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

After your wedding, our work really begins.  While you are enjoying your honeymoon, rest assured that we are busy processing the photos to get the most out of every image.  Upon your return you will be presented with a proof CD from which you can order enlargements or reprints as you desire.

We also offer a variety of custom wedding albums and frames to showcase your cherished photographic memories.

For additional information and/or travel out of our geographic operating area (Orange County, California), please contact us.


Aquatic Photography:

Do you want stunning photos of your gorgeous reef tank?  We offer professional quality photographs of your favorite corals, fish, invertebrates, mollusks and whatever else may be residing in your tank.  This includes photos of your entire tank, full shot, and shots of the sump.

If there is a particular subject you would like to capture, be sure to mention it, and we will take extra special care to make sure we get the best possible shot of it.


Children/Pet Photography:

We believe that the best photos arise from situations the subject is familiar with.  Whether it be your son or daughter or even your beloved pet, the happiest and most comfortable environment is their very own home.  This is where your loved one acts naturally, and captures not only their true personality, but also their loving environment.


Studio Sessions:

From family portraits to baby portraits through senior portraits and all of life's stages, we are ready to capture your personality at its best with a photo that you will cherish for a lifetime.   Your session will be digitally captured using some of the most advanced techniques and equipment today's technology has to offer.  Upon completion of the session, you will be presented with instant high-resolution digital proofs from among which you can choose your prints.



We are happy to provide event services for formal dances, birthday parties, company events, picnics, social gatherings, club meetings, anniversary parties, sporting events and many others.  Rates vary per hour and services provided.  Some of the services we offer:

  • On site portrait lighting setup
  • Instant digital proofing for choosing prints
  • Candid photography
  • Formal photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Specific event coverage.
  • Additional photographers
  •     …and much, much more.

    Sessions include on-site digital proofing and ordering.  Prints are normally delivered within a week of payment.  Please call us to discuss specifics and schedule an event.


    Product Photography:

    Yes, we do product photography too.  We will work closely with you to ensure that your product shots get the look and feel that you are after with photography as unique as your product.  Usage fees vary according to the intended use.  Please give us a call to discuss details.