The Photographer

It all starts here.  The man behind the machine.  I started photography with a middle school photojournalism class.  Coupled with my art classes, I learned composition, layout, photodocumentation and the like. 

Through my high school career, I worked as a Computer Teacher, teaching a class of 20 intermediate school students.  From the money I earned, I saved and bought my first camera, a Nikon F3.  As I continued through high school I got involved with every photography venue I could find.  From taking pictures at school events for the yearbook, to staying late in the darkroom developing prints after everyone had already left.

As I entered college, money I earned from work went to tuition, books room and board.  My camera was stolen and I struggled to pass my classes.  Photography took a back seat to life. 

Well, my life after I quit school to concentrate on my computer career, which was taking off.  I made enough to live comfortably, and pursued my hobby in photography, by buying a Nikon F4.  Soon thereafter I purchased a broken Bronica Medium Format (120mm) camera and fixed it myself.  I started taking wedding photos for friends and their friends.  I then met my wife-to-be and we often went to the gardens to take modeling portraits.  I also did some scenic, landscape, architecture, and abstract photography on the side.

By this point I had saved enough to fund my way through University and with careful use of financial aid and loans, I would not have to work.  This new freedom allowed me to concentrate on my studies.  In June of 1999, I graduated from The University of California, San Diego, majoring in Biochemistry/Cell Biology, Magna Cum Laude - 12 long years after graduating from high school.

Although my major has nothing to do with photography, it was a field I found fascinating and enjoyed greatly.  The time and effort I expended in studying this field is analogous to my love of photography.  I constantly strive to grow, do better and improve my techniques.

I am often asked, with my computer background and all the money in the field, why not go with computers?  The simple answer is:  for me, computers was just a job.

With photography, I may not make as much money, but it is a venue that allows for expression of creativity, personal growth and that constant striving for perfection.

When you decide to use us for your photographic needs, you can rest assured, that if you are not happy, then I am definitely not happy.


The Equipment:

Our fleet of professional digital and film cameras are specialized for each and every photographic task:
Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n - high resolution camera for extremely large print sizes.
Nikon D2H - quick handling high speed camera used in sports, action, and the capture of key moments.
Nikon D70 - (not pictured) general purpose camera for low-light situations and backup.
Nikon F4 - 35mm camera used when film is requested.
Bronica - 120mm medium format camera used for large sized prints from film.

We also have various consumer digicams, a few of which are pictured here:
Sony DCR-TRV20 - miniDV camcorder capable of producing 1 megapixel photos (my first digicam)
Sony DSC-F707 - high quality lense combined with superior image quality and flexibility.
Sony DSC-P5 - compact yet still able to produce supurb images.
Sony DSC-T1 - the ultimate pocketable digicam. Producing great images, this camera goes with me everywhere.

We have owned other digicams not pictured: Canon S400, Canon A20, Fuji FinePix A201, Kodak CX6200, Olympus D390, and some Concord and Vivitar digicams.


The Studio:

This is where we spend our time with you.  We work out of our home to make your session with us as comfortable and relaxing as possible.  This is not a rushed commercial atmosphere.  Here we take the time to get to know you, and photograph at a pace that is governed by you, our client.


The Digital Darkroom:

This is where the magic happens.  Behind the scenes, this is also where most of the our work is conducted.  Although your session may have lasted only a few hours, I will spend countless hours in here fine-tuning and perfecting your images so that the prints appear at their very best.