Checking Image Size

Now, having resized and compressed our image, we need to make sure that it fits within the size limitations set forth by

To do this, first locate our image file.  Since we saved it to the desktop earlier, we minimize our IrfanView application to view our desktop.

Once we have located our icon, simply right-click on it and a popup menu will appear.  From this menu select "Properties."

A dialogue box will appear containing some information such as the date created, modified, etc.  We are interested in the file size.  There are two sizes "Size" and "Size on disk."  Depending on the storage medium, sectors, block size and type of format, the later value can differ between different systems.  The true file size is the first value, "Size," and this is what verifies when a file is uploaded.

Make sure this value is under 50 KB.  If not, then we need to go back and resize/recompress using smaller image dimensions and/or higher compression ratios.